Specialist Nurse for Children and Young People with Autism-suspected Autism

This is a specialist service and is offered to all professionals working with children aged between 0 to 19 years, within the county of Lincolnshire.

This is a specialist service and is offered to all professionals working with children aged between 0 to 19 years, within the county of Lincolnshire.

It has been developed to provide support and education to professionals, to further support families who have children with Autism/suspected Autism.

Key aspects of the role are to:

  • Provide up to date information and signpost to appropriate services.
  • Co-ordinate and provide a liaison service between Community Paediatricians and other Health, Education and Social Care Professionals, CAMHS and Educational Psychologists as necessary.
  • Suggest and provide additional strategies to support and manage behaviours, promote sleep, continence and positive diet.
  • Provide support and advice to parents of children with autism to support understanding and promote positive coping strategies.


In order to support families and individual children, it is necessary to receive parental consent.

Please be assured that all information is treated confidentially and records which we hold will be retained as per United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust policies and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Access to Service

The Specialist Nurse for Children with Autism/suspected Autism does not hold a caseload, but supports other professionals to support families.

In order for a referral to be made to this service, it is necessary that another professional from health, social care or education is already involved and co-ordinating support for the child and their family.

This service provides additional specialist advice and support to maximise support offered to the family within the local area.

Referrals to this service can be made by professionals via email or Lincolnshire Community Paediatrics Unit on SystmOne.

The referring professional is to continue working with the family for at least 6 weeks following our initial visit to ensure that the family is supported to implement our suggested strategies.

The referring professional is to communicate with the Specialist Nurse team if they close before the 3 month review point to enable us to also close the referral.

Access to Service continued

The referring professional is responsible for ensuring that families are supported to implement strategies.

We expect the referring professional to ensure that universal services have been accessed/considered prior to referring to this service as failure to do this may result in a rejected referral.

We expect the referring professional to fully complete the referral form, including in depth information to support the referral.  Failure to do this may result in a rejected referral.

Appointments cancelled by the family with less than 24 hours notice will result in the family going to the bottom of the list for a new appointment; there may be a considerable wait for an appointment.  A second short notice cancellation will result in discharge from the service.

A maximum of 3 initial appointment dates will be offered.  Whether changes are requested by families or referring professionals, rebooking of appointments takes a considerable amount of time for the team and also increases the length of time between acceptance of referrals and the initial visit.

Appointments may be offered in person or via Microsoft Teams/telephone.  If the family has a preference, please indicate this on the referral form.  We will accommodate these requests as much as possible.

Contact Details

Office base:

Children’s Community Services

St Francis School

Wickenby Crescent

Lincoln LN1 3TJ

Telephone: 01522 309679 (direct line)

Email: [email protected]

Summary of Service


Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm