Aquatic Physiotherapy

Information about your Aquatic Physiotherapy appointment

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We have been asked to see you in our aquatic physiotherapy pool. The number of treatment sessions will be based on your individual needs. This is usually up to six sessions. If you have been referred for individual treatment please note that the physiotherapist will normally have more than one patient in the water at any one time. Much of the work in the pool is supervised exercise with floats etc, rather than hands on therapy.

Attendance at subsequent appointments is expected to obtain the best results and unexplained absence will result in discharge from treatment.

Working in warm water has many advantages. It helps to reduce pain, lessens the load on your joints and allows for easier muscle strengthening.

Please bring a swimsuit and towel. Shower gel and talcum powder are NOT permitted as they are a slip hazard.

Please make your therapist aware if you are using Transdermal Opiate patches as there is a potential for opiate overdose in a heated pool.

If you have suffered from diarrhoea, you must be clear for 14 days prior to attending the pool.

Please note that all aquatic physiotherapy sessions are mixed sex, but separate male and female changing facilities are provided.  Single sex sessions can be made available if circumstances require it.

If you require help with personal care/dressing/showering etc, please bring along a carer/family member to assist.

Please report to the physiotherapy reception on arrival so that we can show you where the changing rooms are. STICKS AND CRUTCHES ARE NOT ALLOWED AT THE POOLSIDE. FOR REASONS OF SAFETY FRAMES ARE PROVIDED.

On leaving the pool, water is available to rehydrate. We recommend that you rest for 15 minutes in the reception area before going outside, particularly in cold weather.

The aquatic physiotherapy team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Physiotherapy Departments

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