Lung Cancer Team – Pilgrim Hospital

Information for people attending the respiratory clinic

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You will come into contact with some or all of the Lung Cancer Team during your care.  You may be seen by different doctors, but all the team discuss your case and will be aware of your care.  This is called a Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT). Your Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist will be around for you throughout your care/treatment and is sometimes referred to as your key worker (as is your Respiratory Consultant).

Respiratory (Chest) Physician:  Doctor who specialises in chest medicine, who will meet you to find out what is wrong and then plan and manage your care with the other specialists.

Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist:  Provides advice, support and information for you and your family throughout your care.  Provides advice on management of symptoms at any point from your diagnosis.

Radiologist:  Doctor who specialises in performing and reading X-rays and scans.

Histopathologist:  Doctor who specialises in examining and reporting on your biopsy sample.

Oncologist:  Doctor who specialises in cancer care and treatments, e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Radiographer:  Consultant in radiotherapy.

Thoracic Surgeon:  Doctor who specialises in surgery for chest problems.

Palliative Care Physician:  Doctor who specialises in symptom control.

Lung Cancer Team Co-ordinator:  Non-medical person who organises the team meetings ensuring all your results and records are available.

Your team at Pilgrim Hospital

Respiratory (Chest) Physicians:

Secretary       01205 446631

Secretary       01205 446406

Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists:

01205 446294

Lung Cancer Care Co-ordinator:

01205 446294


One of radiology team


One of pathology team


Secretary       01522 307552

Thoracic Surgeon:

Palliative Care Physician:

Team at St Barnabas Hospice

Lung Cancer Team Co-ordinator:

Social Worker:

There is no specific social worker assigned to the team, however, if necessary your Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist can make the referral for you.

Please be aware team members may change from time to time.

If you have any problems or concerns in relation to your care and treatment, please contact your key worker or arrange for one of the MDT members to contact you.