Ambulatory Electroencephalogram tests in the Clinical Neurophysiology Department

A doctor has requested that we perform an ambulatory EEG test to record your ‘brain waves’. The examination is completely painless and will provide useful information for the doctor.


This leaflet aims to explain your test and contains important information

A doctor has requested that we perform an ambulatory EEG test to record your ‘brain waves’.  The examination is completely painless and will provide useful information for the doctor.

What does the test involve?

You need to visit our department on two separate occasions.

On the first visit, small sensors are placed on your head and you will carry the recording device in a bag. The sensors detect and record your brain waves. After this you can go home and continue with your daily routines, taking into account the RESTRICTIONS described later in the leaflet. Approximately 45 hours later, you will return to the department (approx.11am) so that the recording can be stopped and the sensors removed. On some occasions you may return to have the sensors removed after 24 hours but this will be discussed with you on your first visit, if necessary.

Preparation – please ensure:

  • Your hair is washed and is free of any hair preparations such as gel/mousse/hairspray etc.
  • Loose clothing is worn. You may wish to bring a loose fitting hat/cap or scarf with you to cover your head. Do not wear clothing that needs to be removed over your head.
  • You bring a list of medications that you are taking. You should continue to take medications as normal unless instructed not to by your doctor.

During the 45 hours

  •  Carry on with your normal daily activities.

After the test

The test results will be analysed by a Consultant Neurophysiologist and a written report will be sent to the doctor/consultant who referred you for this test.

The appointment

Please make a note of the appointment date and let us know if you are unable to attend on the date given. We can then reschedule your test for a different date if needed.

IMPORTANT – Things to remember! PLEASE ENSURE

  • That you are accompanied by a friend/relative both to the Clinical Neurophysiology Department and for the entire 24 (or 48) hour period you are wearing the equipment.
  • That you bring a
  • That you complete the diary sheet in full by including all activities you have taken part in during the day (this will be given to you on your first visit).

Activities to document in the diary – This is VERY IMPORTANT

  • Eating (please do not chew gum whilst wearing the recorder)
  • Drinking (please avoid drinking alcohol)
  • Activity/movement –
  • In the car, walking, shopping, preparing a meal, getting changed, resting, watching TV, listening to music, using a mobile phone, etc
  • Periods of sleep/bedtime
  • Wake up time

IMPORTANT Press the button on the recorder if you have any of the episodes for which you have been referred


  • You do not take part in any sporting activity whilst wearing the equipment.
  • You do not bathe or shower whilst wearing the equipment as it must be kept dry.
  • You do not tamper with the contacts, wires or the machine as this may spoil the recording.
  • You avoid using a mobile phone if at all possible whilst wearing the equipment.

If the sensors should become loose, reattach them with the tape provided as a temporary measure until you return the following day. DO NOT USE GLUE. If you are concerned about this, please do not hesitate to contact the department within work hours on 01522 572379 or 01205 445447 and a physiologist will advise you. If we are unavailable please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, Clinical Neurophysiology Department, in advance on 01522 572379 or 01205 445447.

If you arrive late for your appointment it may not be possible to see you on this occasion.

Please see the attached map for location of department.

Clinical Neurophysiology

Telephone: 01522 572379/01205 445447