Bowel Cancer Screening Patient Discussion Summary

There are many reasons for abnormalities found in the bowel. The summary of the information given today is as follows:

The picture below indicates where an abnormality has been found which requires further investigation.

If this is thought to be a cancer this will have been discussed with you.

There are many reasons for abnormalities found in the bowel. The summary of the information given today is as follows:

To give us more detailed information about your condition and to decide how best to treat this, you will require the following tests. These are routine tests and pending their results further investigations may be required. These will be done in the next 2 weeks:

  • CT Scan
  • MRI Scan
  • Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Completion Colonoscopy
  • Other

What happens next?

Colorectal Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting (MDT) – if the tests reveal this to be a complex or cancerous growth, the results of all the biopsies and scans will be discussed at the MDT meeting. This takes place weekly.

Clinic Appointment – following the MDT meeting we will invite you back to clinic to discuss and agree the plan for treatment. If you prefer this could be done over the telephone. You are welcome to bring someone with you to this appointment. This appointment is normally within the week following the MDT.

Role of the Specialist Screening Practitioners (SSP)

The SSPs will act as your care co-ordinators and support you through the diagnosis of your condition.

They will discuss your care and investigations with you throughout the process and offer you written information at all stages. They can direct you to other services that may be of help.

If you are referred to see a surgeon in clinic your care will be taken over by the colorectal clinical nurse specialists.

Other Important Information

Prescription Exemption – if a diagnosis of cancer has been made you are entitled to free prescriptions under the age of 60. You can be given information about this when you are seen in a surgical clinic.

Financial Support Advice – if you have financial concerns and would like further advice on what support you may be entitled to the colorectal nurse specialist can refer you to the appropriate agencies.

Further Information Sources

You can access further reliable information from the following sources:

Following the discussion held today, you may have further queries or concerns that you would like to discuss further. The Bowel Cancer screening team can be contacted on:

01522 597548 (Direct line)

Working hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. An answerphone is available outside these hours.