Mobile Chemotherapy Unit leaflet

This leaflet has been provided to help answer any questions you may have about your treatment on the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

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What is the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU)?

The MCU is a purpose built vehicle on which chemotherapy and other supportive treatments are given by trained chemotherapy nurses. It has been supplied and supported by the national charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow’, whose aim is to provide cancer patients’ with treatment closer to their home.

Our MCU is called ‘Elaine’ and has also been funded by the Mark Benevolent Fund (Mark Master Masons) and will travel to 3 different locations in Lincolnshire.

  • Louth County Hospital
  • Skegness and District General Hospital
  • Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding

What is the aim of the MCU?

The aim of the MCU is to reduce the amount of travelling you have to do, by providing the opportunity to deliver certain treatments closer to where you live. It will also reduce the amount of time you have to wait for your treatment.

Hospital transport TASL (080816445586) can be provided to take you to the MCU for treatment. All car parking is free at our hospitals.

Can anyone have treatment on the MCU?

Not all patients or treatments are suitable for the MCU. If we think that you are, you will be assessed and offered the option of having your treatment on the MCU. However, you will receive your first two treatments at your oncology centre (Lincoln/Boston) in case you have any allergic reactions or side effects.

There may be circumstances when the MCU cannot go to the planned location on the day. If this happens you will be contacted by telephone and alternative arrangements will be made for you to have your chemotherapy/treatment at the hospital where you had your first treatment.

What about blood tests?

If you need a blood test before chemotherapy, this can be done at your local GP surgery or hospital. We will give you a blood test form each time you attend for treatment so that you can have a blood test before your next treatment. Please make sure you take a blood form home.

You will need to have your blood test, in the morning, two days before your treatment or per nurse instruction. This will ensure your blood test can be reviewed before your assessment and your drugs can be prepared in advance. Without the blood results, chemotherapy cannot be given and may result in your treatment being delayed or cancelled.

If your blood results are out of range you will be contacted and assessed via a telephone call. You may be asked to have another blood test to make sure that you can have your treatment.

Will I need to be assessed before treatment?

Yes. There are no doctors on the MCU, so you will be assessed before each treatment to make sure you are well enough to have chemotherapy. This will either be done at a clinic appointment in hospital or over the telephone by a chemotherapy nurse or oncology doctor, the day before your treatment.

You must be available to receive a telephone call on a landline or mobile number. If the telephone assessment suggests you are unwell your treatment may be delayed and you may have to be seen by your oncology doctor before we can continue your treatment.

Why might the treatment on the MCU be stopped?

There may be situations where we will have to stop giving you your treatment on the MCU. This may be because of how you are feeling during treatment, the condition of your veins for cannulation or that you have reduced mobility. This will be discussed with yourself, nursing staff and your oncology doctor.

This does not mean your treatment will stop but you may have to attend your oncology centre to continue your treatment.

How is treatment given on the MCU?

Treatment will be given the same way as it is in hospital. The MCU has four comfortable chairs and the chemotherapy nurses have all the equipment needed to give you your treatment.

What happens on the day of my appointment?

To ensure the day runs smoothly, please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. Due to lack of space and resources, the nurse may ask you to wait in the local hospital where the MCU is parked.

As there is limited space on the MCU anyone accompanying you will not be able to stay with you during your treatment, however, they will be able to wait in the hospital where the MCU is parked if they want to.

Hot drinks and biscuits are available on the MCU but we recommend that you bring any refreshments/food with you.

Contact the MCU

If you feel unwell on the day of your treatment or you cannot attend the MCU for your appointment for any reason, please contact:

  • 01522 572260 (Lincoln patients)
  • 01205 446548 (Boston patients)



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