Snowdrop room offers quiet space for families to reflect

Families spending prolonged periods in hospital can now make use of a dedicated room allowing them a quiet place for contemplation, away from the hustle and bustle of busy wards.

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The snowdrop room at Lincoln County Hospital is somewhere families can spend time to collect their thoughts, speak with the chaplains or get advice and support from healthcare staff.

Based in United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust’s (ULHT) Lincoln chapel, the former rather ordinary side room has been transformed into a welcoming and comforting space to offer families support through their difficult experiences.

The room was redecorated thanks to the hard work of hospital chaplain Pam Beattie and Lead Nurse Sarah Ward, with help from volunteer Paul Cartwright. It has been refurbished entirely through kind charitable donations.

It was officially opened recently by ULHT’s Director of Nursing Michelle Rhodes who said it was a “wonderful space for families to receive some much needed support.”

Also at the opening were Jemma and Andy from Lincoln, who sadly lost their twin boys at 17 weeks pregnant. The couple’s four-year-old daughter Isla received one of the Trust’s bespoke comfort bags during the family’s time in hospital, so were keen to promote the room as somewhere others going through the same experiences can make good use of.

Reverend Pam said that the snowdrop symbolises ‘new hope’ and triumph against adversity.

“The snowdrop is one of the first signs of spring, of new hope and a new start, so we thought it fitted in perfectly as a theme for our new family room,” said Pam.

“Often when families receive very bad news or lose a loved one, there is nowhere for them to go. In our snowdrop room they can find some quiet time or a bit of respite.

“It’s also somewhere peaceful where the families can go before a service of remembrance.”

Lincoln Minster School student Amelia Barrett (18), who created the snowdrop artwork which adorns the peaceful room, was also at the official opening.

The oil painting took her about four weeks to complete and adds a perfect finishing touch to the contemplative space.

For more information on the snowdrop room contact Reverend Pam on 01522 573080.