Your 2021 ULHT Staff Awards shortlist- Service Improvement, Education and Research Award

Your 2021 ULHT Staff Awards shortlist- Service Improvement, Education and Research Award

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Shortlisted entries in the Service Improvement, Education and Research Award are:

Alun Roebuck, Consultant Nurse, Cardiology, Lincoln
Alun was nominated for the work he does to deliver high quality care to his patients. He has jointly led the development of the Lincolnshire Heart Centre, the redesign of the Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) pathway in Lincolnshire resulting in 30-day mortality reduction from 13.8% to 3.5%, personally mentoring/coaching 20 staff through their masters degrees and being the only nurse advisor to the National

Institute of Health and Clinical Excellent (NICE) on the Clinical Guideline Development Group for the NICE Guideline on the Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes.

He has published 30 peer reviewed guidelines, books and technology appraisals, been awarded a Visiting Fellow in Healthcare at the University of Lincoln, a full Fellowship of the European Society of Cardiology and generated £900,000 of external income to support masters education for ACPs, plus much more. Alun gives on a daily basis: he goes above and beyond in every aspect of his role, but especially noted is his total enthusiasm and passion for patients.

Carlene Veasey and Gemma Webb, Advanced Practitioners in Ultrasound, Lincoln
Carlene and Gemma identified an emerging risk to the tubal patency investigations (HSG) service for ladies undergoing fertility investigation in Lincolnshire, and swung into action to solve it by setting up a sonographer-led service at Lincoln. They saw a gap in a patient pathway and, working together, used their initiative to set up this service. To achieve this they had to travel to Hull over the course of a year to undergo specific training in this area. Combining this training with their expert knowledge in gynaecological ultrasound they provided a new diagnostic service.

Carlene and Gemma are extremely passionate about providing a high quality service to women who are going through a difficult and uncertain time in their lives. They go above and beyond to accommodate all appointments. 

Russell Barber, ITU Clinical Lead, Lincoln
Russell was nominated for his outstanding contribution in implementing and leading the RECOVERY and REMAP-Cap clinical trials at Lincoln County Hospital. These national trials presented an opportunity for symptomatic COVID-19 patients to access treatments that would not ordinarily be given.

Dr Barber is described as being hugely passionate about, and totally committed to, this research and has worked extremely hard in optimising the number of patients that were enrolled. Dr Barber has proactively displayed superb clinical leadership in the CAP studies, which has led to many patients accessing treatments that would have been otherwise unavailable.

Chris Webb, Advanced Clinical Engineering Technician, Lincoln
Chris was nominated for always going the extra mile to support the clinical engineering teams. He mechanically modified all anaesthetic machines in the Trust to become ICU ventilators in case the Trust did not have enough, achieving assurance that we could ventilate COVID patients – we were the first Trust in England to do so. Within the uncertain COVID circumstances, Chris and the team have been going the extra mile to ensure clinical colleagues are supported appropriately during these challenging times with massive workload and pressures.