Your 2021 ULHT Staff Awards shortlist- Extra Mile- Non-Clinical

Meet the shortlisted entries in the ULHT Staff Awards 2021- Extra Mile- Non-Clinical

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Shortlisted entries in the Extra Mile- Non-Clinical are:

Catering teams, Trustwide
The catering teams across the Trust were nominated for the extra miles they go for our patients and staff. During the COVID pandemic, their hard work serving more than 200,000 free meals to staff boosted the morale of so many colleagues and took away one of the extra burdens so that everyone could focus solely on patients. None of this would have been possible without the extra effort, support and dedication of this amazing team. They have come in and worked earlier, later, at weekends and delivered whatever has been asked of them to look after everyone else. All of this is in addition to providing meals for all of our patients staying on our wards. They even left handwritten notes in lunches for staff.

They have embodied and demonstrated the Trust’s values every single day, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of service.

Wayne McIntosh, Facilities Manager, Trustwide

Wayne’s nomination talks about how he has consistently gone above and beyond throughout his many years in the Trust, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He ensures his teams are happy and safe and anything that is asked of him is never too much, no matter the time of day. Wayne has managed to remain on top of all potential problems and changes that have been made throughout the pandemic, such as; parking, ward closures, free staff meals, deep clean

requirements, staff sickness, all issues arising over Christmas and many more.

Staff have commented that they feel confident and safe having Wayne as a

manager and feel they are able to go to him to discuss both positive and negative aspects of their jobs and/or home lives, which Wayne then always handles with care.

Beckie Robinson, Security Training Administrator, Trustwide
Beckie was particularly nominated for stepping up to cover switchboard at Pilgrim one evening. She was contacted at 7pm after having worked her full day, and with no hesitation Beckie agreed to support even though she had not worked the Pilgrim system before, let alone working on switchboard on her own. She is described as having really gone the extra mile to significantly reduce risk on the site that night.

Catherine Cox, Administration Assistant, Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, Lincoln
COVID made delivering teaching extremely difficult over the last year, with all face to face teaching cancelled. Catherine’s nomination talks about how she designed and developed a website so foundation trainees were still able to access high quality teaching. This has also enabled trainees to never miss out on any teaching sessions as all are uploaded and available to be watched at a time to suit the individual trainee.

Consultants and departments were contacted and helped to produce video presentations with audio which Catherine uploaded each week onto the website.

Catherine has also included a feedback form with each session which she monitors and ensures the information is fed back to presenters.