Help to improve the reputation of Lincolnshire’s hospitals

The people of Lincolnshire are being asked to share their views about the county’s hospitals, to help make their reputation better.

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All Lincolnshire residents are invited to have their say on the reputation of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) using a survey being run now.

We want to find out what the public perception of the Trust is and how people form views about ULHT hospitals, with the aim of making improvements.

ULHT Chief Executive Jan Sobieraj said: “This is the second year we have run our reputation survey, which really helps us to understand what people think and feel about our Trust and the services that we provide.

“This helps us to understand where people get their information, so that we can focus our efforts to ensure our patients and staff get the information they need.

“We are facing challenging times at present, but we want our public to be reassured that the quality and safety of patient care remains our top priority.

“It is important that we measure our reputation, as it affects our ability to provide a full range of services, our income and our ability to recruit to best staff.”

Please share your views, you don’t have to be a patient but just have a view. It’s anonymous and your views are important in helping improve local hospitals and services. Please share with your friends and family too.

To take the survey go to: