NHS staff walk their way to glory as part of global step challenge

Healthcare workers clocked up an impressive 798 million steps together by taking part in an annual walking challenge.

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Staff from Lincolnshire’s three NHS trusts have just completed the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, a virtual walking event which encourages teams to complete as many steps as possible over 100 days.

In total 756 employees took part across 108 teams, covering an impressive 317,000 miles throughout the challenge.

The top stepping team at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) was the imaginatively titled Caron’s CaShoes who managed a daily step average of 23,000 steps and walked a total of 6,410 miles.

Team captain Caron Proctor, who works as a receptionist in the Trust’s nuclear medicine department said it was the third time they’d entered into the competition.

“We managed a few team activities this time and walked straight from work one evening to the Pyewipe Inn, had a lovely meal and a drink and then walked home,” she said.

“We also had several personal motivations this year too.  I have been building up my cycling and managed to cycle 100 miles in one day with my husband Bryan and my 21-year-old daughter who just came along for fun.

“We are very proud of the efforts of all of our team members and it was just fantastic for us to be in the winning team.”

Amassing an impressive 14,102 daily step average and covering 3,920 miles were Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) winning team AIR nurse.

Made up of nurses from the assertive in-reach team based at Lincoln County Hospital, team captain Sian Burns said: “As part of our daily work we cover a lot of miles and tend to rush between departments.

“The challenge was great as it not only recognised our regular footfall but spurred us on to be more active in our own time. I feel that not only has our health and stamina improved but also our general wellbeing.”

Last but not least, the Scrambled Legs from Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) managed to walk 5.067 miles and notch up a daily step average of 18,266.

Team member Richard Holmes said: “Throughout the challenge I was really proud of our team.  We kept motivating each other to get the best out of ourselves, even if that meant dragging team members out for a short walk during their lunch break.

“The challenge enabled us to be fitter and to be able to get out and about enjoying the pleasures of the great outdoors. Personally, I’m grateful that we had the energy and motivation to do what we did.

“Apart from the physical activity aspect of the competition, we really enjoyed the mindfulness, nutrition and sleep modules as that is what the challenge is really about – your overall wellbeing.”

The trio of trusts were ranked as the fourth most active out of a total of 23 NHS organisations that took part in the competition.

The global challenge aims to improve employees’ physical, social and mental wellbeing and over the course of the 100 days, 64% of those who took part said they felt more productive for doing so, with 69% reporting they felt less stressed.