New rehabilitation consultant welcomed into NHS Trust

A new rehabilitation consultant has started her role at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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A new rehabilitation consultant has started her role at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Vicki Williams will treat patients at clinics at Lincoln County Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston and Grantham District Hospital as well as undertaking home visits predominantly in the south of the county and treating patients on Ashby Ward at Lincoln County Hospital.

The 36-year-old came to visit the department at Lincoln and was impressed with the supportive and “family feel” of the team so made the move from Manchester to Lincoln.

Vicki said: “The whole team are absolutely fantastic and the staff on Ashby Ward are phenomenal all they want to do is get our patients better.

“We’ve got lots of developments in the pipeline so it’s a hugely exciting time for me to be part of this dynamic team.”

Rehabilitation medicine is the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation management of people with disabling medical conditions. The main aim is to manage the disabling effects of diseases, whether that’s reversing them or trying to slow their progression.

Originally from Barbados Vicki moved to the UK in 2003. She has worked in hospitals in Wales, London, the North East and Manchester before settling down in Lincolnshire. She originally worked in haematology but decided it wasn’t the right fit for her.

Vicki will be looking after patients with brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries and who have suffered major trauma.

Speaking about what attracted her to rehabilitation Vicki said: “It’s a team based and holistic approach which really centres on the patient and their needs. For some people their goal might be to go back to work, for another it might be to play golf again.

“We work with the patient to set the pace and their goals and it feels a lot more like a partnership. It’s about how the treatment affects their whole life and their family. You really get to know the patient and aspects of their life.”

Vicki enjoys the countryside and is looking forward to exploring more of what Lincolnshire has to offer with her family. She started her role at the beginning of August.