Hospital teams are helping patients who struggle to communicate

The NHS in Lincolnshire wants to hear from patients and their loved ones, especially those who might struggle to explain their feelings while in hospital or receiving treatment.

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An ‘All About Me’ booklet was launched 10 years ago by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust for hospital patients who have, or are likely to have cognitive impairment, or unable to communicate needs and wishes. Since then families and carers have been invited to help complete the booklet that stays with the patients at all times. It records personal details in order to help staff to understand, and be able to anticipate the needs and preferences of patients, as well as involving them in their care.

To date, thousands of patients have been helped by the booklet.

Plans are now in place for other health providers in the county to also use the booklet. Before this happens, patient experience teams are asking for feedback and suggestions on how the booklet can be improved.

Zoe Chapman, Specialist Nurse Safeguarding Adults, said: “We all want to provide outstanding care personally delivered for our patients and the ‘All About Me’ booklet has been instrumental in making this possible for many of our patients.

“It provides us with a valuable insight into a patient’s likes and dislikes, it gives us an understanding of the patient beyond their present circumstances. Being in hospital and receiving medical care can be very stressful and so having this information can help us to recognise if things aren’t going so well for a patient and offer further support.

“Plans are now in place for other health care providers in the county to also use the booklet for patients. Before this happens we want to hear from patients, carers and loved ones.”

An online questionnaire is asking for feedback on a updated draft of the booklet and should only take a few minutes to complete –