College students help the NHS prepare for future emergencies

Students from Grimsby Institute swapped their classroom for an A&E Department as they volunteered to take part in an NHS emergency planning exercise.

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The Level 3 Uniformed Public Service students arrived at Lincoln and Pilgrim hospitals and acted as casualties who had been involved in a chemical spillage accident as part of a recent United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) emergency planning exercise.

Hospital staff then enacted well-rehearsed plans that saw the students assessed outside of the Emergency Departments and directed to a purpose-built unit where they were guided through the decontamination process.

ULHT Head of Emergency Planning, Nick Leeming, said: “Our teams receive regular updates and training so that they are prepared for any emergency. It is great for them to have the opportunity to practice their response to these types of incidents using all of our equipment and facilities, with the help of volunteers.”

Hospital staff came into work especially for the exercise, donned full protective suits and guided the students and lecturers through the process.

Grimsby Institute Lecturer, Cain Matthews, said: “The students are learning about emergency planning and response and so to have this opportunity to be involved really is so valuable for them. Seeing all of the effort that goes into planning and preparing for such emergencies has been a real eye-opener and something they will always remember throughout their studies and future careers. ”

Josh Gude, was one of the students who took part at Lincoln County Hospital. He said: “It was really good to be involved, you really felt the sense of urgency. It was great to have an insight into what happens behind closed doors in these kinds of emergencies.”

Nick added: “Thank you to Grimsby Institute and all of the students and lecturers who have supported us. We all hope that we never need to use these units, but I know how much our staff appreciate being able to practice and have these exercises so that they can build on their experience.”

Students and NHS staff stood in a group A person in a blue NHS uniform helping someone in a yellow hazard suit People in a yellow hazard suit being washed down A person in a yellow hazard suit going through a red curtain