‘Change Wednesday’ is having a positive impact on ambulance handover times

‘Change Wednesday’ is a new initiative at ULHT that has been introduced following staff feedback.

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The idea is that any major changes introduced at our hospitals will take place on a Wednesday and reviewed for two weeks before any further alterations are made as part of the next cycle.

We have started off by looking at ambulance handovers in our A&E departments and are working alongside EMAS and SSG Health, a team of experienced professionals who support NHS organisations to deliver sustained operational performance improvement.

The initial cycle set the benchmark and following the first set of changes the average time it took from an ambulance’s arrival at Lincoln County Hospital to the crew being cleared fell by almost 18 minutes. This reduction came during a period when the department saw more patients arrive by ambulance.

During the same period the time it took from an ambulance’s arrival at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston to the crew being cleared fell by 19.7 minutes.

There is still a long way to go, but thanks to everyone’s hard work and co-operation we are starting to see results.