Award for ward which supports and champions carers

A ward at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston has been the first on the site to receive special recognition for the way it supports carers.

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Ward 3b (orthopaedics) has just received the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award, which recognises organisations that place a high value on the identification of and taking into account the views and needs of carers.

The award is given to those areas which meet a strict criteria for ensuring they always achieve a high quality standard of service for carers.

Ward 3b is the very first ward at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) site to receive the quality mark, after the Pilgrim colorectal and stoma care nursing team secured theirs last year.

Staff Nurse Alex Limb, who did most of the groundwork in gaining the accreditation, said he was extremely proud to accept the award on behalf of his colleagues, patients and their carers.

“We received it in recognition of the way we support all our carers, whether they be carers of the patients we serve, or if the patients are carers themselves,” he said.

“As part of this we have created a board on the ward, which features all the relevant information that carers may need.  We advise them on all information needed to support and inform them.

“We also ask for feedback so we can continue to improve our service for carers and the patients.

“Getting the award means a lot to me as it shows that what we do has been recognised as good practice and makes a positive difference to patients, relatives and staff.”

The award was presented by county-based charity ‘Every-One’, which is commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council to support the continuing development of quality approaches for those with unpaid caring responsibilities.

Julie Goy, Quality Development Lead for ‘Every-One’ said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Ward 3b at Pilgrim over the past few months as they have worked towards their award.

“The work has enabled the ward to have a better understanding of unpaid carers and how they can be supported and gives opportunity to continue consistency for unpaid carers throughout ULHT too.’’

For further information about the Carers Quality Award and/or an application form, please contact Julie Goy on 07493 289866 or email [email protected]