Your 2021 ULHT Staff Awards shortlist- Volunteer of the Year Award

Your 2021 ULHT Staff Awards shortlist- Volunteer of the Year Award

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Shortlisted entries in the Volunteer of the Year Award are:

Will Ballard, A&E Volunteer, Lincoln
Will was described in his nomination as one of the friendliest, helpful people ever encountered. He started volunteering during the start of the COVID period and was a real asset to the A&E Department at Lincoln. He was also described as an absolute star and a pleasure to work with.

Alexander Allbones, Volunteer Porter, Pilgrim
Alex began volunteering at the beginning of the first wave of COVID. He worked many hours for several months as a volunteer before joining the bank. Alex is described a role model for the younger generation. He was so kind and brave to volunteer at such a frightening and dangerous time. Alex is a student and could have got a paid job, but wanted to help others and do his bit for the community and support the NHS.

Alex went above and beyond what was expected of him as a volunteer back in June, when he escorted a relative to have a procedure and made them feel at ease at a scary time.

Family Liaison Team
The Family Liaison Team were set up in late March 2020, in the early stages of the initial response to the first wave of COVID. There was a clear need established to both keep our isolated patients in contact with their nearest and dearest on the ‘outside’ while visiting was restricted, but also to help facilitate the enforcement and smooth operation of the new patient property restrictions that were brought in.

This need was quickly filled by a small army of volunteers. The team operated Trust-wide and were a blend of pre-existing volunteers, recruits via the GoodSAM scheme and other people who simply wanted to help out while furloughed from work or wanting to make more of their spare time. The team received some phenomenal feedback from staff as well as patients and their loved ones.