Successful surge aids patient flow across our hospitals

More than 900 patients have been discharged from ULHT hospitals as part of surge week.

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More than 900 patients were discharged from ULHT hospitals as part of our recent surge week.

Hard work from all staff involved ensured our discharge procedures were working as efficiently as possible, allowing those patients who were well enough to return home or back into the community as soon as possible.

Between Wednesday 11 July and Tuesday 17 July, 940 patients were discharged from Boston, Grantham and Lincoln hospitals – including 155 complex cases where packages of care were needed.

While the final number of discharges – 940 – was slightly below our overall target of 1,043 discharges, this result was achieved at a time when we saw unusually high attendances for this time of year, which resulted in more admissions than we would normally see.

The system also saw an increased drive for complex discharges during the week.

In total, Lincoln County Hospital had 484 discharges across the week. Boston achieved 373 discharges and Grantham had 83 patients discharged across the week.

A big thank you must go to everybody involved in the week. Without your efforts, teamwork and dedication, weeks like these wouldn’t be possible and we would not be able to achieve the results we have.