Generous donation is helping children with their recovery in hospital

A portable sensory play unit is helping children with their recovery in hospital and distracting them from their pain and illnesses.

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The £4,000 unit was funded through a generous donation by the family of a young patient to the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity. They wanted to provide some fun for young patients during what is often a worrying and distressing time. The interactive unit has bubble tubes, a music system, fibre optics and a projector.

It is based in the playroom on Rainforest Ward at Lincoln County Hospital, but can be relocated to bedsides as needed by young patients.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust employs play leaders to support children and families in hospital with both normal and therapeutic play, also providing preparation and distraction for procedures. Karen O’Connor is a Play Leader on Rainforest Ward. She said: “Play is used across the world by children as they explore, learn and understand about their world and the people in it. Play can be lost in times of illness, injury or trauma—but rarely is it needed more.

“This amazing unit has lights and sounds and can project fun images on to walls and ceilings. It enables us to bring a distraction and fun to our patients wherever they might be. It doesn’t take away their pain or illness, but it can bring a bit of fun to their day and a smile to their faces. It is making such a difference.”

Ben Petts, United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity Manger, said: “In many ways we think that play can be a therapy and a natural healer that promotes happiness. So many children have benefitted from this really generous donation. For this family to think of others is inspirational and truly humbling. We are so grateful.

“Donations like this enables the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity to provide the additional extras to elevate the work of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust that cannot be provided by the NHS.”

More information about the charity and how people can help is available on its website United Lincolnshire Hospitals (