Why choose us?

We are one of the biggest acute hospital trusts in England covering four main hospitals in Lincolnshire.

Our vision is to provide “consistently excellent and safe patient-centred care for the people of Lincolnshire, through highly skilled, committed and compassionate staff working together”. We continue to focus on our number one priority – patients. We have significantly improved the quality of our services but there is still more to do.

Transforming and improving service

  • We have the best diagnostics performance in the East Midlands meaning patients are seen earlier
  • The Lincolnshire Heart Centre exceeded national targets in its first year for carrying out procedures quickly on patients suffering heart attacks and had lower mortality rates than national average
  • Our hip fracture team at Pilgrim Hospital was the best in the country for speed of access to surgery for the second year running.

Meeting the highest expectations of patients

  • 83% of our CQC ratings are good
  • Two year £25 million estates improvement programme has begun
  • Nominated and won many national and regional awards
  • We have lower than national average of incidence of pressure ulcers
  • Working with St Barnabas Hospice, we launched the “hospice in a hospital” at Grantham Hospital, a new six-bed inpatient unit and the first venture of its kind in the UK.

Developing and supporting our workforce

  • Our staff carry out their key training each year and have annual appraisals too
  • We listened and engage our staff so they change and lead on what matters to them and helps patient care. 50 teams working on the priorities to improve our services for patients and staff.

CQC children’s survey

Children using services at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust provided their feedback in the first national survey carried out by the Care Quality Commission.

Children and young people aged 8 to 15 who stayed at Lincoln County Hospital or Pilgrim Hospital, Boston rated their experiences overall at 86% compared to the national average of 84%.

For most areas, the Trust responses are within the national average range with some areas where the Trust featured as one of the best performing including:

  • Children saying staff did everything they could to help their pain (98%)
  • Admission date not changed (100%)
  • All children stayed on a children’s ward with no child on an adult ward
  • Parents saying staff played with their child (aged 0-7)
  • The Trust also scored highly for children and young people reporting that staff looking after them were friendly, they felt safe and people spoke to them in a way they could understand

Patient views

Derek Storr, 82, “This was my first visit to Pilgrim Hospital and I was not disappointed. Everything went incredibly well and all of my leg ulcers are now cleared up. The staff really are excellent. I would say to anyone who has any worries about going into hospital due to having an operation not to worry, as the staff at Pilgrim are very reassuring and will do their best to make your stay pleasant and comforting.”
Mrs Morris, “We are extremely grateful for the excellent care given by all the staff within the breast unit and hopefully this money will help towards purchasing equipment to help patient’s treatment and care in the future.”
@Ellie_0040 Very happy with the care my husband received in Grantham A&E this evening. A special thank you to the lovely
@rickwilson1968 wonderful care once again by all front line staff on SEAU at Lincoln county hospital
@Emsus1979 Three doctors treated my ill little girl today with great care & me with understanding. Thanks @ULHTpatients. And it was all free.