Our values

We have adopted a vision and five key values to show what we stand for, how we want to be known and how we behave.

Hundreds of staff have been involved in choosing our key values and they set the tone about what is most important for the Trust.

Our vision is to provide ‘excellence in rural healthcare’.

Our values:

Patient-centred- Putting patients at the heart of everything we do, listening and responding to their needs and wishes.

Safety- Following ULHT and professional guidelines. Speaking up to make sure patients and staff are safe from harm.

Excellence- Striving to be the best that we can be. Innovating and learning from others.

Compassion- Caring for patients and their loved ones in ways we would want for our friends and family.

Respect- Behaving and using language that demonstrates respect and courtesy to others. Zero tolerance to bullying, inequality, prejudice and discrimination.

Our ambitions:

  1. Our Patients – Providing consistently safe, responsive, high quality care
  2. Our Services – Providing efficient and financially sustainable services
  3. Our People – Providing services by staff who demonstrate our values and behaviours
  4. Our System Partners- Providing seamless integrated care with our partners

The values are used throughout the organisation, providing a focus for recruitment and staff appraisals, alongside our staff charter, to ensure that they have real meaning for the way people work. The values also feature in categories for the Trust’s staff awards scheme.