Our values

We have adopted a vision and five key values to show what we stand for, how we want to be known and how we behave.

The launch of our new Integrated Improvement Plan (IIP) in February this year was a great first step in setting out our vision for the future and how we will get there.

This strategic plan, and the divisional plans which underpin it, mark an important step forward for our Trust. It identifies the key priorities for the Trust over the next five years (2020-2025),
ensuring we are focused on the right things for both our patients and our staff.

Our Integrated Improvement Plan will be at the centre of all we do, supported by our Trust values

ULHT Values

Patient-centred- Putting patients at the heart of our care.

Safety- Ensuring patients and staff are free from harm.

Excellence- Supporting innovation, improvement and learning.

Compassion- Caring for patients and loved ones.

Respect- Treating our patients and each other positively.


Based on feedback we receive from our patients, staff and our partners we know we need to make more progress and improve rapidly in a number of areas.
Our patients and their families have told us they want to be more involved in decisions about their care and how local services are developed.

In keeping with our Trust values, our staff want to be able to come to work to deliver excellent patient care and feel respected and valued. Through working with partners we know we can do more to improve the safety of care we deliver to our patients with improved staffing numbers and a clean and safe environment.

This Integrated Improvement Plan provides the framework for us to deliver these improvements. Find out more about our integrated improvement plan by reading the full document or watching the video.