Procurement aims to achieve the best value for money for the resources we have, procuring fit for purpose goods and services for the Trust.

Procurement offers guidance, advice and support on all aspects of procurement to all of the Trust’s divisions, wards and departments. The procurement department aims to ensure that all procurement complies with the Trust’s rules and National and European law. Additionally the procurement department continually reviews and monitors contracts and purchase orders placed for the procurement of goods and services.

We continuously seek to improve the procurement process in order to obtain best value from the contracts we enter into and to minimise the administration costs of buying. Please note, you do not have a contract with the Trust unless you have an official purchase order or contract issued by the procurement department.

Supplier and Contractors

The Atamis system is our choice for the Trust’s tendering opportunities.

Company representatives

The Trust works closely with its suppliers to deliver high quality healthcare services. The Trust expects its employees and suppliers to comply with the following “Golden rules” which have been adopted:

  1. The Trust procurement department is the first point of contact both for current, new and potential suppliers.
  2. All supplier/company staff whilst on site must wear an ID badge with their name and company clearly visible.
  3. Trust staff should seek advice and support from the procurement department where there are issues/queries.
  4. “Cold calling” or visiting wards/departments without permission or an appointment is strictly prohibited. All Company representatives must register with Intellicentrics
  5. Orders for goods or services must not be solicited from Trust staff – the only recognised documentation is an official purchase order or contract issued by the procurement department.
  6. Price/commercial discussions can only be conducted in conjunction with the procurement department.
  7. Trust staff must not be offered samples of products unless by prior agreement with the procurement department.
  8. Business gifts (other than items of a very small intrinsic value such as diaries or calendars) must not be offered and will not be accepted.
  9. Items of medical equipment loaned to the Trust will be subject at all times to our clinical engineering department management procedures including indemnity arrangements.
  10. Ensure professionalism and courtesy are shown and reciprocated at all times.

Trust standing orders

For a copy of the Trust’s standing orders, which lays down the tendering procedures (internally and externally), see the Trust’s corporate governance framework.

Corporate Governance Manual April 2021

Contact the Procurement team

Should you wish to contact us directly, please contact:

Deputy Director of Procurement – Sharron Reetham

Invoices queries
[email protected]