Annual reports and plans

To ensure our hospital services develop and grow in the best possible way for patients, we set detailed plans and strategies for the future.

These may be plans for what we do over the next one, five or 10 years, how we plan to cut waiting lists or reduce infections or how we would like to see our services develop to reflect the needs of our local population while meeting financial constraints.

Our Integrated Improvement Plan

In 2020, we launched our five-year Integrated Improvement Plan – our strategic plan to help us move forward as a Trust and ensure we were focusing on the right things for our patients and our staff.

Learn more about our plan.

Our Green Plan

As the largest employer in the county, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and, by implementing and delivering our Green Plan, will work to protect and improve the health of our communities, patients, staff, residents and public.

The ULHT Green plan showcases what we have already undertaken to improve our environmental impact, what more we can do and how our contributions will support the NHS to deliver a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service by 2040.

Joint forward plan

The NHS Lincolnshire Joint Forward Plan describes the priorities that Lincolnshire NHS specifically will focus on over the next five years to meet the Lincolnshire population’s physical and mental health needs. This remains in the context of the overall ICS ambition and aims, and so it has been developed and will be delivered across all partners in Lincolnshire’s ICS. You can find the joint forward plan on the ICB’s website.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Estates Strategy 2022

This document maps out the short-term strategy for the maintenance, management and capital priorities for the Trust’s estate over the next two years:

Annual reports

As a public organisation we are required to publish an annual report and set of accounts each year.

Annual audit letter

Note: the annual audit letter was referred to as the “Annual governance report” in previous years.

Quality account

The quality account provides an annual report to the public about the quality of services we provide. It includes a review of priorities over the last year and our plans for the future. We will continue to review the quality of services that we provide and build on the improvements that have been made this last year and review our priorities for quality improvement in partnership with our patients, staff and other organisations.

Self certification NHS provider licence

Trade Union facility time

The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirement) Regulations 2017 took effect on 1 April 2018 and this means that NHS employers are now required to publish certain information on Trade Union officials and facility time. The information for ULHT is published below:

Nurturing and inspiring our healthcare staff in Lincolnshire

This document demonstrates out significant commitment to the quality of our teaching and education.

Read about our teaching commitment to our staff. 

Ensuring quality at ULHT

Quality is at the heart of everything we do in caring for our patients. It relies on safe systems, safe people and organisational learning. ULHT has a strategy in place to support this which focuses on four key elements:


Reducing mortality and harmful adverse events is a priority for the Trust. Measures in place include operating theatre checklists to avoid mistakes in surgery, working to reduce pressure ulcers and falls, and campaigns to ensure safe practice around medicines.

Patient Experience

We want to ensure the best possible experience for all patients at every stage – from initial contact, through care to discharge and follow-up. This involves providing the right environment and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Clinical effectiveness

All care needs to reflect clinical best practice and meet national guidelines to ensure that patients get the right treatment at the right time, every time. We use a series of ‘care bundles’ to embed consistent and reliable ways of treating a range of conditions including severe infection, heat failure and pneumonia. Regular audits are carried out to ensure standards are maintained.

Continuous improvement

We are always seeking ways to improve. Various measures are in place to achieve this such as the safety thermometer, a system which monitors different aspects of care. We also have a strong focus on training and sharing learning from specific incidents.