Video consultation appointments

United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust use video consultation for certain outpatient appointments.

Video consultation appointments offer a way to consult with you either in your home or at any other appropriate location. The service offers you a comparable outpatient experience, but with less travel, time spent and the associated expense of visiting the hospital.  There is also the facility to invite a family member/friend/carer or where required Interpreter to join the video consultation.

Attend Anywhere is a secure NHS video call service for patients with pre-arranged appointment times only.  You can access Attend Anywhere on a PC/Mac or an iOS/Android device To take part in an video consultation your computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone will need to have Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge installed on it.  Attend Anywhere will not work on Internet Explorer.

If you have agreed to attend a video consultation appointment, we will schedule your appointment as normal and send you details of the appointment date and time. Once the consultation is complete, you will be directed to an online survey.  We would appreciate your feedback as this will help  us to improve our service.

This video demonstrates how the system works:

Tips for your consultation

If this is the first time you are attending a video consultation, we recommend you check and test your equipment in advance. You can practice joining the virtual waiting room at any time.

Once signed in, please wait for the clinician to greet you. Occasionally there might be a short delay and your appointment might not run at the planned time. This might be because the clinician needs to spend a little longer with another patient. Please bear with us if there are any delays as your appointment is important to us and we will always endeavour to keep to appointment times where possible.

If there is a problem with your appointment you may receive a no-caller ID call from the hospital – but that would be around the time of your appointment.

Below is a list of speciality clinics with a link to their waiting rooms:

Speciality Link
Adult Diabetes and Endocrinology
Bowel Screening
Children’s Dermatology
Children’s Diabetes
Clinical Research
Community Midwifery
Community Paediatrics
Gastroenterology – IBD Nurse
General Medicine
General Surgery
Health Care of the Older Person
Maternity Family Liaison Room
Occupational Therapy
Oral Maxillo Facial
Paediatric Orthopaedics
Paediatric Rheumatology
Pre-op assessment
Rehabilitation Medicine
Sleep Clinic
Stoma Care
Stroke Medicine
Vascular Surgery

If you experience any problems while trying to connect, please view the ‘attending your appointment via video” sheet.

View the  guidance leaflet to ensure your computer or device is compatible. Please click here to view the “Video Consultation Patient Quick Guide”.


Why have I been offered this type of appointment?

We recognise that the traditional face to face hospital appointment is not always convenient due to travel, time and expense constraints. We are offering video consultations to patients who have been identified by their doctor / nurse as someone who may be suitable for this type of appointment.

Do I have to take part?

No. It’s your choice whether you wish to attend your clinic appointment in person or via an online video consultation.

Will it affect my care if I choose not to take part?

No your care will not be affected. It is your decision and we want you to be comfortable with your chosen method of clinic appointment.

Where would I go to attend my appointment?

Instead of travelling to your appointment, you enter the clinic’s online waiting area which is accessed via our Trust website at This is accessed via your personal device. The hospital is notified when you arrive, and your clinician will join you when ready. There is no need to create an account. No information you enter is stored or shared.

What happens if I cannot access the waiting area on the day of my appointment?

Don’t worry if you cannot access the waiting area on the day of your appointment. If your doctor or nurse cannot see you in the waiting room they will contact you on the telephone numbers we hold for you. Your consultation will be conducted by telephone where possible and if a face to face appointment is required this can be arranged.

What happens if I am having difficulty seeing or hearing through the video link?

Let your doctor know straight away if you are experiencing any technical problems with the virtual clinic. Firstly, check your device has access to your camera and microphone. If you are still having difficulty, if possible, your consultation can continue by telephone.

Otherwise you can have a rescheduled video appointment or you will be offered a face to face appointment.

What happens if I need a physical examination?

If your doctor decides you need a physical examination, you will be offered the next available face to face appointment. If your condition has changed and you feel that you need to see your clinician in a face to face setting please contact your clinician to arrange this.


You will be invited to complete a patient satisfaction survey after your video consultation appointment. This is an opportunity for you to share your experience and to comment how this service could be improved going forward