Staff Awards

The ULHT Staff Awards are the way we celebrate the best of ULHT.

Each year, the staff awards provide a chance to recognise the hard work, dedication or fabulous care given by our staff members and teams.ULHT staff awards graphic

Nominations for the 2023 awards are now open.

If you want to nominate for the awards, use the form below or pick up a form from any of our hospitals.

If you would like to submit supporting evidence with your nomination, please send any information or documents to

The awards close for this year on Friday 1 September 2023.

Top tips for a winning staff awards entry

Staff awards nominations are judged on quality, not quantity. This means a person who receives three nominations isn’t judged more favourably than someone who receives one. It’s better to make one really good nomination, than nominate the same person multiple times.

Here are some top tips of how to write a winning entry:

  • Read the judging criteria for the category you have chosen and try to cover all areas in your nomination form – just like you would when applying for a job
    Staff-awards judging criteriaTo view a PDF you may need to download Adobe Reader.
  • Make sure you say what the nominee did (eg, projects, activities) that are above and beyond the person’s job description, giving specific examples
  • How did they do it?
    o Initiative and/or leadership
    o Teamwork
    o Creativity and/or innovation
    o Behaviours and/or attitudes
  • What were the results and/or impact?
    o What did the nominee’s efforts accomplish?
    o Are there specific benefits to ULHT
  • Appeal to the judging panel’s hearts – use emotive language to describe the difference the person made, the value of what they did and how it made you feel.
  • Attach any supporting evidence – the more information the better.
  • If you don’t really know what to write why not say it on video and send that in instead – video entries are welcome, or ask someone to help you put your thoughts into words.

To nominate a member of staff please complete the following form:

Staff Awards

Nomination form for ULHT Staff Awards.
  • Please select the award category for this nomination:
  • Nominations are judged by a panel against the criteria for each category. Provide as much information as you can, giving specific examples to support your nomination; How have they made a real difference or gone the extra mile? How did they made you feel? You may also make your nomination in video format.
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For more information email

Award categories 

Roger Thorley Great Patient Experience Award – This award is open for public nominations only, and will be awarded to a team or individual that has made a significant impact upon improving the patient experience either for an individual patient, in their work area or for the Trust as a whole. 

Compassion and Respect Award – This award will go to an individual or team that shows a genuine concern and compassion for others, is interested in others and in helping to meet their needs and providing the best possible quality of care. 

Team of the Year – Clinical – This award recognises a clinical team who consistently demonstrate good team working, to deliver an efficient and high performing service.

Team of the Year- Non-Clinical – This award recognises a non-clinical team who consistently demonstrate good team working, to deliver an efficient and high performing service. 

Service Improvement, Education and Research Award – This award will go to the team/individual who have implemented an idea or innovative approach or made more efficient and effective using an innovative approach (maybe through a the Quality Improvement Programme), which has resulted in a saving of time or money, improved practice or a new way of working. They may have carried out or published innovative research papers, taken on a service/quality improvement programme, been involved with clinical trials or taken part in training or education with the end result of benefitting patients.

Rising Star Award- This award will go to someone who is a student or cadet, or someone who has been within the Trust for less than a year, but in that time has really made an impact. This might be through supporting colleagues, displaying excellent patient care, developing a service or innovating for the benefit of staff and patients.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year Award – This award recognises an individual or team that has been a champion of diversity and inclusion for the Trust, with actions that have positively impacted upon colleagues and the organisation as a whole. This could include a broad range of actions to promote, further and develop awareness and understanding of EDI issues, and tackling discrimination in any form.

Extra Mile Award – Clinical – This award will celebrate an individual or team in working in a clinical area, that goes above and beyond to help the Trust deliver its objectives and values. Bringing about change and clear benefits for patients, their colleagues and the Trust as a whole.

Extra Mile Award – Non-Clinical – This award will celebrate an individual or team working in a non-clinical area that goes above and beyond to help the Trust deliver its objectives and values. Bringing about change and clear benefits for the Trust as a whole. 

Outstanding Leader Award – This award recognises someone with outstanding leadership skills who inspires people to go the extra mile. Good leaders are not necessarily managers – they are innovative and value their peers while actively mentoring and encouraging people they work with. 

Volunteer of the Year Award – This award recognises a volunteer or voluntary team who work tirelessly and generously give their free time, enthusiasm and energy to help improve NHS services, facilities and support for patients, visitors and their families.