New Developments

Creating outstanding care together through our programme of developments across Lincolnshire.

As a Trust we are excited to be  delivering a wide range of new developments across Lincolnshire.

Our current projects include:

Emergency Department at Pilgrim Hospital Boston

Government approval has been granted for the £43.5 million pound transformation of the Emergency Department at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston. Back in August 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the hospital and met staff when he announced the provision of £21.3 million funding towards the cost of a new Emergency Department. Additional funding to complete the transformation will come from across the Lincolnshire NHS system.

Since the Prime Minister’s visit, lots of work has been taking place behind the scenes to finalise a design that not only meets the needs of patients and staff now, but also in the future. The Department of Health and Social Care and the NHS England Joint Investment Sub Committee have now approved the final plans.

These will see the hospital’s Emergency Department.:

  • More than double in size
  • Include state of the art innovations and infection prevention control measures
  • Have a much bigger resuscitation zone for the sickest patients
  • Have more cubicles in which to treat patients
  • Have a separate area dedicated to providing emergency care for the hospital’s youngest patients and their families
  • Have more training rooms for staff
  • Have a much better environment for patients and staff.

Work is currently underway to repurpose the four-storey building to the left of the main hospital so that it can be used for additional clinical and office space. Once completed, this will then allow the Trust to clear and demolish the necessary areas adjacent to the existing Emergency Department in 2023, so that it can then be extended and transformed.

PHB ED Full Business Case

PHB ED Estates Annex

PHB ED Appendices

Pharmacy aseptic unit

The brand new aseptic unit has been developed at Lincoln Science & Innovation Park and marks a further development in the ongoing relationship between the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincolnshire Co-op and the University of Lincoln.

The unit will provide ready to administer chemotherapy treatments and other lifesaving injectable medicines such as intravenous nutrition, intravenous antibiotics and cutting-edge medicines for clinical trials. News about our pharmacy aseptic unit. More information about the services our pharmacy aseptic unit delivers.