Improvement Academy

The Improvement Academy’s purpose is to develop, energise and empower sustainable improvement, as we believe the potential for outstanding care is within our colleagues, patients and partners.

Invest in Quality Improvement, invest in better healthcare.

Why is Quality Improvement Important?

Quality Improvement helps us deliver better care for our patients. By identifying and addressing inefficiencies and areas for improvement, we can:

  • Enhance patient safety and outcomes
  • Increase efficiency and reduce waste
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Create a more positive patient experience

There are two Quality Improvement training courses designed and provided by our Improvement Academy which are available to external colleagues; The Quality Improvement Fundamental programme and the Quality Improvement Practitioner programme.

These courses are open to any member of staff working across our system, with permission from their manager.

Course Requirements

  • Manager support to attend all course elements
  • Committed to completing the programme
  • An identified problem or frustration in your workplace that you would like to improve
  • Willingness to document your improvement journey
  • Support the spread and sharing of your learning

Looking for Tailored Training?

In addition to our standard courses, we offer customised training programmes designed to address the specific needs of you and your team. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements and create a programme that empowers your team for continuous improvement.

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