Outpatient – NHS E-Referral

Some guidance on waiting for your outpatient appointment, following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Patients may receive an automatically generated letter from the NHS e-referral service on our behalf asking them to contact us if they do not receive an appointment within the next 10 weekdays (14 days) for urgent referrals and 40 weekdays (56 days) for routine referrals from when they saw their GP.

Please be assured ULHT have received your referral and we will be in contact with an appointment as soon as possible, although this is likely to be longer than the times stated due to extended wait times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Referrals from your GP will be reviewed for clinical urgency and all patients are booked chronologically based upon the outcome of this review.

If your symptoms deteriorate please contact us on the telephone number below for a specialist to review your referral letter and changing symptoms. Your GP won’t be able to help with getting your referral dealt with any quicker, however they may be able to support with symptom management if your symptoms have worsened.

If you have any further enquires or concerns please contact your Outpatient appointment booking team – United Lincolnshire Hospitals (ulh.nhs.uk)

Thank you in advance for your patience.