Vascular surgery

Within the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust we have five vascular specialists. They work Trustwide and deliver services across all the hospital sites.

Most vascular surgery is carried out at the Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, with minor surgery and outpatients clinics taking place at the other sites. Our consultants are supported by their team of junior doctors and three registrars. In addition we have three vascular acute care practitioners who support the vascular team as a whole.

The vascular ward – 5B at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

5B is a surgical ward with a speciality in vascular treatment which cares for patients with a variety of surgical and vascular conditions. During their stay, your relative/friend’s condition will be continually monitored.

Supporting services
We have a well-equipped vascular lab with three vascular scientists providing supporting services to the surgical team.

The physiotherapy, occupational health and interventional radiology departments also have important roles to play in the provision of vascular surgery.

Services we provide

  • Pilgrim Hospital manages all of the emergency vascular surgery and the more complex elective operations.
  • 24 hours in-patient and emergency service based at Pilgrim hospital.
  • Nurse led vascular clinics.
  • Outpatient and day surgery are also provided at Lincoln, Pilgrim, Grantham, Spalding.
  • Outpatient clinics at Louth and Gainsborough
  • Operations carried out include carotid surgery, abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery, amputations, lower limb bypass, angioplasty and key-hole surgery for varicose veins (endovenous ablation of varicose veins).

Vascular access service

We currently provide vascular access to other specialities such as oncology and haematology. These are lines that are used to provide long term treatments. They are managed by the referring team but inserted by members of the vascular team.

  • Peripherally inserted central catheters
  • Hickman lines
  • Portacaths