Medical Examiner Service FAQs

Some useful questions and answers about the Medical Examiner service.

What happens after a death?

After a death, the Medical Examiner team will contact you.

Can I ask the Medical Examiner to talk to someone else if it is too difficult for me to speak with them?

We appreciate that this is a difficult time and our services are here to help and support you. Following a death, the Medical Examiner or the Medical Examiner Officers will contact you and at that point, you can give them another first point of contact.

When will the Medical Examiner or Medical Examiner Officers get in touch?

The Medical Examiner or Medical Examiner Officers will usually contact you by phone before you collect the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. They will then arrange a convenient way and time to speak with you or your nominated contact, if that is your preference.

What questions will I be asked?

The Medical Examiner or the Medical Examiner Officers are able to explain what is written on the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death and why. They will also discuss the Medical Examiner’s review and ask if you have any questions or concerns about the care the person received before their death.

What if I don’t want to speak to the Medical Examiner or their team?

We understand that this can be a difficult time and speaking to someone is entirely your choice. Feedback has told us that many people have found using this service really helpful and that it helps people to have an open and honest chat about their loved ones care. If you are unsure, please contact the Medical Examiner office and speak to one of the team. They are trained professionals who are there to help and support you during this difficult time.

How do I contact the Medical Examiner office?

The Medical Examiner Office will get in touch with you. Once you have had, contact with the service they will provide further details of how to access them in the future.


Medical Examiner Service

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