Colorectal services

Colorectal services are involved in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bowel; the colon, rectum and anus. We have a multidisciplinary team approach enabling us to provide patients with the expert care they need.

Our Colorectal teams diagnose and treat patients with a variety of bowel disorders including cancer of the colon, rectum and anus, inflammatory bowel diseases (such Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis), diverticular disease and people who suffer with faecal incontinence or a prolapse. We also provide services for the diagnosis and treatment of haemorrhoids (piles), fissures and fistulas.

The colorectal team is made up of the following professionals:

  • Colorectal surgeons
  • Specialist nurses, including colorectal and stoma care clinical nurse specialists, bowel screening nurses, nurse endoscopists, IBD specialist nurses and Macmillan nurses.
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Oncologists
  • Radiologists
  • Histopathologists
  • Research staff
  • Cancer tracking staff and administration support staff.

The team may invite additional professionals to join them in their discussions about your illness, if they believe that this will benefit your treatment and progress.

Many diagnostic tests and some treatments are carried out on an outpatient basis or as a day case. More complex treatments require an inpatient stay and may also involve a period of time in our intensive care (ICU) or high dependency unit (HDU).

We have an established enhanced recovery programme for our elective patients undergoing major bowel resection surgery.

A number of services are available across the Trust sites, including within the radiotherapy unit based at Lincoln County Hospital and the oncology clinic and chemotherapy suite at Pilgrim Hospital Boston.

We want our patients to be healthy and be able to maintain and achieve the highest quality of life possible. Minimally invasive surgical treatments, quality diagnostic equipment and a dedicated team approach help provide high-quality, medical care with dignity and compassion.

Our nursing team offer support and care for patients undergoing bowel surgery. For patients who have a diagnosis of bowel cancer our team act as the key worker, a point of contact and information source. When you have been told of a possible cancer diagnosis you may need to undergo several tests and investigations, if you have any queries or want to clarify information about what is happening you can contact the colorectal nursing team.

Many of our patients may need to have stoma formation following their diagnosis (colostomy or ileostomy). The team teach people, and their carers if necessary, how to manage their stoma and also offer support services after discharge from hospital.


Lincoln and Grantham Colorectal Team

Consultant Surgeons

You can contact the consultant surgeons via their secretaries through the hospital switchboard (01522 512 512). Please ask the operator to put you through to your consultant’s secretary.

Colorectal/stoma nursing team

Lincoln and Grantham based colorectal nurses work as a joint team. The team work Monday to Friday, covering the service between 8am and 5pm and can be contacted on 01522 573776 for the Lincoln site, or 01476 464822 for the Grantham site. An answer phone facility is available and messages are checked throughout the day in between seeing patients.

The team are based in Clinic 6 at Lincoln and Grantham c/o the Brownlow Hub/Outpatients department. Attendance is strictly by appointment only.

The team can also be contacted by email for both sites on [email protected]


Pilgrim Hospital, Boston Colorectal Team

Consultant Surgeons

You can contact the consultant surgeons via their secretaries through the hospital switchboard (01205 364801). Please ask the operator to put you through to your consultant’s secretary.

Colorectal Cancer specialist nursing team

The nursing team can be contacted directly via 01205 446466. There is an answer phone which picks up messages 24 hours a day and is regularly checked between the hours of 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, and answered by a member of the team.

The team are based in the Outpatients department, in Area 4.


Local ileostomy support group

The Ileostomy Association (IA) is a local patient support group for patients with an ileostomy.
Contact: Paul Pyrah (secretary)
Tel : 01522 820154
Email: [email protected]


Patient information

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