Faster Respiratory Diagnosis (FReD) X-ray Service

The Faster Respiratory Diagnostic test referral (FReD) allows us to reduce waiting times and help to speed up and cut down treatment time for lung cancer.

What can you expect from your appointment?

You have been referred for a chest X-ray on the Lincolnshire optimal lung cancer care pathway.

Whilst this does not mean that you have lung cancer, the symptoms and history you have reported to your GP are suspicious enough to warrant ‘fast tracking’. An urgent chest X-ray can be performed at any United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) site. We encourage patients to attend either Lincoln County Hospital or Pilgrim Hospital, Boston for a faster service.

You are encouraged to have your chest X-ray as soon as possible.

Once your chest X-ray has been reported a CT scan will be arranged for you within 48 hours. It may be possible to perform the CT scan on the same day as your X-ray to save you an additional journey. If we are unable to perform a CT on the same day as your chest X-ray, our booking team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Our booking teams will call you using an ‘unknown’ number.

Please monitor your incoming calls after your chest X-ray so we can book your CT scan appointment as soon as possible. This may include having a blood test and answering some questions about your health. You will be contacted usually within 7 days of your CT scan with the results and telling you what to expect, if anything next. A copy of the report will also be sent to your GP. If you or your relative has communication needs please make the booking team aware when we contact you to arrange your appointment.

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