Car lease scheme

Save money and enjoy peace of mind with our tax efficient car lease scheme.

The Trust Lease Car Scheme, in association with NHS Fleet Solutions, is designed to provide you and your family with competitively priced and trouble free motoring. Under the scheme, you lease a car using the Trust’s current lease car suppliers, normally for a period of three years. There is no deposit and costs are fixed for all elements for the duration of the lease. The car will be insured for yourself and up to four named drivers (assuming they are legally entitled to drive). Employees will have the opportunity to make further savings by the use of a salary sacrifice scheme subject to their salary not being “sacrificed” to a level below the national minimum wage.

Ensure that you read all documentation regarding the scheme carefully before you commit as there may be instances where the scheme does not benefit some staff.  More details can be found by contacting NHS Fleet Solutions. For a tailored quotation visit their website here.