Tuesday 7 November 2017

Trust Board papers – November 2017

Meeting of the Trust Board

Tuesday 7 November 2017 to be held at 9.15am in the conference room, the Reservation, Sleaford.


1. Introduction, Welcome, Chair’s Opening Remarks and Health and Safety
2. Public Questions
3. Apologies for Absence
4. Declarations of Interest
5. Minutes of the meeting held on 3 October 2017 for accuracy
6. Matters arising from the previous meeting/Action Log
7. Chief Executive Horizon Scan
8. Emergency care update

9. Patient story

Strategic objectives
10. Quality and Safety (SO1, SO2)
10.1 Assurance and Risk Report Quality Governance Committee
10.2 Performance Report Quality and Safety
10.3 Quality and Safety Improvement Plan
10.4 Front sheet and Director of Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report
10.5 Learning from Deaths

11. Workforce (SO4)
11.1 Performance Report Workforce
11.2 Assurance and Risk Report. Workforce and OD
11.3 Front sheet and FTSU/Staff Engagement

12. Finance and Performance (SO3,SO5)
12.1 Assurance and Risk Report FSID Committee
12.2 Performance Report Finance and Operations
12.3 Financial Special Measures

13. Strategic Risk Management Report
Appendix A
Appendix B
13.1 Audit Committee Upward Report

14. Strategy and Policy
14.1 Front sheet and ULH Innovation

15. Items For Approval
Items for next Trust Board meeting

16. Any other notified items of urgent business

17. The next meeting will be held on Friday 15 December 2017 at The Reservation, Sleaford.