Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive materials (orally or intravenously administered) to diagnose and treat disease. It is closely associated with radiology, but is a separately managed department.

Nuclear medicine is a Trustwide department with cameras situated at Grantham and District Hospital (one general purpose) and Lincoln County Hospital (one general purpose with SPECT-CT, one cardiac).

The radiopharmaceuticals used at all three sites are manufactured and supplied by the MHRA-licensed radiopharmacy unit at Lincoln County Hospital.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging and non-imaging tests, as well as some therapeutic procedures. About half the diagnostic testing is concerned with the detection or spread of various forms of cancer, but nuclear medicine is also important in the diagnosis of ischaemic heart disease, renal disease, endocrine disease, and some brain disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s disease).

The team is made up of clinical scientists, clinical technologists, specialist nurses and administration staff. There is also routine reporting input from consultant radiologists and cardiologists.

For disabled access information about the nuclear medicine department at Grantham and District Hospital, please see our AccessAble accessibility guide.

For disabled access information about the nuclear medicine department at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, please see our AccessAble accessibility guide.