Our Endoscopy units

Between our four endoscopy sites we operate nine procedure rooms. Each unit is unique in size and shape, but share our dedication to patient safety and care.

ULHT Endoscopy provide GI endoscopy at four Lincolnshire hospital sites, Lincoln, Boston, Grantham and Louth.

The nursing philosophy of our endoscopy units is:

“We aim to ensure that the entire pathway for our endoscopy patients is smooth, efficient, welcoming and friendly, providing compassionate, safe, dignified and respectful care. Helping to alleviate any fears and anxieties along the way. We provide bespoke recovery areas wherever possible. We aim to empower our patients and relatives to take ownership of their health and wellbeing and provide information and advice to enable them to do this”

We operate a zero tolerance policy for abuse within Endoscopy, be it verbal or physical.

We provide an Endoscopy service across four hospitals in Lincolnshire:

Lincoln County Hospital

Grantham and District Hospital

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

County Hospital, Louth

At Louth hospital we provide diagnostic gastroscopy, colonoscopy and also support the urology team with cystoscopy procedures.

The department is open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

We currently have one procedure room at Louth, but building works are underway to create a second procedure room so that we can see more patients at this site. We anticipate that this second room will be available from April 2024.