Our Endoscopy units

Between our four endoscopy sites we operate nine procedure rooms. Each unit is unique in size and shape, but share our dedication to patient safety and care.

The nursing philosophy of our endoscopy units is:

“We aim to ensure that the entire pathway for our endoscopy patients is smooth, efficient, welcoming and friendly, providing compassionate, safe, dignified and respectful care. Helping to alleviate any fears and anxieties along the way. We provide bespoke recovery areas wherever possible. We aim to empower our patients and relatives to take ownership of their health and wellbeing and provide information and advice to enable them to do this”

We operate a zero tolerance policy for abuse within Endoscopy, be it verbal or physical.

We provide an Endoscopy service across four hospitals in Lincolnshire:

Lincoln County Hospital

Grantham and District Hospital

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

County Hospital, Louth

Our clinical Endoscopists work across all four hospitals:

Amanda Stuart-Stamp

Glen Kelsey

Alison Ward

Danni Whitehouse

Jonathan Lees

Mark Kingston

Chloe Holly

Julie McLaughlin

Yvonne Mason

Laura Jones (trainee)

Rachel Chavira (trainee)

Simon Clarke (trainee)

Sean Bailey (trainee)

Endoscopists at Lincoln County Hospital:

Dr Glenn Spencer

Dr Sathish Babu

Dr Aravamuthan Sreedharan

Dr Aditya Mandal

Dr Subrata Saha

Dr Hemant Gupta

Dr Anthony Norman

Dr Mohamed Elamin

Professor Jervoise Andreyev

Mr Sridhar Dharmavaram

Mr Neil Khan

Mr Amit Shukla

Mr Suresh Pillai

Mr Hua Kho

Mr David Andrew

Endoscopists at Grantham and District Hospital:

Dr Tariq Mahmood

Dr Mike Perry

Dr Prakash Nair

Mr Dilip Mathur

Mr Chun K Khoo

Mr Nadeem Bhat

Mr Saleem Jonnalagadda

Mr Veera Karri

Mr Nikhil Kulkarni

Endoscopists at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston:

Dr Richard Armstrong

Dr Mike Perry

Mr. Antonio Alves Dos Santos

Dr Abdulfatah Masaud

Dr Sanjiv K Jain

Dr Anita Raj

Mr Milind Rao

Mr Syed Zaidi

Mr Munir A Rathore

Mr Athula Tennakoon

Mr Nadeem Ahmed

Mr Grzegorz Ortonowski

Mr Ashraf Sokker

Endoscopists at Louth Hospital:

Dr Sathish Babu

Dr Subrata Saha