After your Endoscopy procedure

The time you spend in recovery is different for every patient.

After your procedure, you will be taken into the recovery room. Male and female recovery rooms are separated to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times. A nurse will check your observations and monitor you until you are comfortable and fully awake. Refreshments will be offered where appropriate. The nurse or doctor will explain the findings and offer you a copy of your report.

Please note if you have sedation into the vein you will need someone to accompany you home and stay for at least four hours and if possible overnight. Even though you feel wide awake this can affect the way you think and behave for up to 24 hours afterward. You are not allowed to take part in the following activities for 24 hours afterwards:

  • Drive a vehicle
  • Go to work
  • Look after children on your own
  • Operate heavy/dangerous machinery
  • Drink alcohol
  • Sign legally binding documents

For gastroscopy a local anaesthetic may have been used to numb your throat before the procedure. This will normally take one hour to wear off. Therefore, do not eat or drink for one hour following your procedure. If you do not have any problems with a sip of cold water after this time you may start eating and drinking as normal. If you cough or have difficulty swallowing, please do not eat or drink for another 30 minutes. Repeat this process until you can swallow normally. You may suck a sweet if your mouth is dry. The sensation in your throat usually returns within this time, but may take up to two hours.

For procedures into your bowel, you may feel some mild to moderate windy pains in your abdomen (tummy). Although these may be unpleasant they are normal and should stop within 24 hours. If you had a polyp removed or a biopsy taken, you may see a little bleeding from your back passage. If you are worried about any symptoms you experience after this test, you may ring the numbers in the Contact us section, r on the front of your leaflets. Out of hours please contact the NHS non-emergency service on 111.

If you experience any problems with worsening pain or swelling of the abdomen or neck, heavy bleeding (more than a small cupful), or a persistent sore throat, please attend your nearest Accident and Emergency Department taking your endoscopy report with you.