Eye tests

Free checks for all staff who use digital screens

The Trust works with Specsavers Opticians to provide free eyesight tests for display screen users.

If you use digital screen equipment you should qualify but, to be sure, please complete the self-assessment checklist on the staff intranet.

If you qualify, complete an eye test referral form, get your manager to sign it and you will receive an electronic voucher to have a free eye test at Specsavers.

If you need glasses specifically for screen use, then you will be able to select a pair of glasses from the £45 range at Specsavers, free of charge.

If you need safety glasses for work, you will receive a voucher from Specsavers entitling you to one pair of safety glasses, fitted with Pentax CR39 single vision lenses. The glasses will conform to EN166 specifications.

The safety glasses come with prescription lenses, and are similar in appearance to prescription glasses, but may incorporate optional side shields to give lateral protection to the eyes.