Operating theatres provide quality surgical services for the people of Lincolnshire, covering a range of procedures at all our hospital sites.

All patients who come to the theatres are cared for by nursing staff and operating department practitioners, professionals whose job is to care for the patient every step of the way.

Along with the surgeons and anaesthetist, these professionals form an essential team who care for the patients to the highest standard ensuring the safest and best possible care during their time in the dept.

Theatre support workers, health care assistants and admin staff also form part of this team. Their experience is vital to the smooth running of the department and the patients journey.

A positive patient experience will always be the main aim of the theatre team, which is often rewarded when letters of thanks, praise and appreciation received from patients who have had a good experience, which are then shared with the team.

Lincoln County Hospital

At Lincoln County Hospital we have 10 theatres within a theatre suite offering many forms of surgery including orthopaedics, urology, ENT, general surgery, gynaecology, ophthalmology and more. Two obstetric theatres are also located outside of the suite.

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

At Pilgrim we have we have ten theatres within a theatre suite that is split over two floors. We offer many forms of surgery including orthopaedics, urology, ENT, general surgery, gynaecology, ophthalmology and vascular surgery. We also have an obstetric theatre which is located within the maternity block.

Grantham and District Hospita

At Grantham we have four operating theatres (two laminar flow designed for orthopaedic surgery and two normal). The work undertaken at Grantham is orthopaedic elective (large joint replacement hips and knees, arthroscopies etc) and orthopaedic trauma. We also undertake general surgery including abdominal major bowel surgery, urology, day case gynaecology and ophthalmology.

County Hospital, Louth

At Louth we have two operating theatres, each with its own anaesthetic room.

Theatre 1 is a general theatre where we carry out a range of elective and non-complex surgery including general surgery, ophthalmology, breast surgery, urology, gynaecology, pain clinic, some minimally invasive surgery, mainly laparoscopic cholecystectomy and oral surgery.

Theatre 2 is our orthopaedic theatre where we do total joint replacements including hips, knees, shoulder and ankle replacements, together with a wide range of minor orthopaedic procedures.

We also have a satellite recovery room providing post-operative care for patients before they go back to their ward.