Specialist nurse trainers

Specialist Nurse Trainers support children with disabilities and additional physical health needs in a variety of settings by providing training and support to their carers. We work with children from birth to the age of 19 years.

Our aim is to provide a service that offers flexible, accessible support to children and young people with a disability and additional physical health needs and their carers, enabling the child to achieve their maximum educational and social potential.

Our team is made up of children’s trained nurses with community experience and work alongside the children’s community nurses and school health nurses. We have a range of experience in caring for children with disabilities within the community, school and hospital settings.

We are currently funded by ULHT with help from children’s services, education and transport services departments at Lincolnshire County Council.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer help for children with ADHD, behavioural problems or other non-physical health needs.

We aim to provide training for nursery/school staff, transport staff, and any carer of a child with medical health needs. The service aims to provide ongoing support to carer’s and also provides resources for training that can be used by other professionals.

The service operates all year round, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Training/visits can be arranged outside of these hours with prior arrangement. We aim to be as flexible as possible as is required to meet the training needs of individuals. We are fully aware that some children are already well supported in the community, but our posts provide an opportunity to compliment this provision.

Being a resource to colleagues is an important part of our role. We anticipate that schools will still use their designated school nurse as a local contact, but we will endeavour to provide support, information and advice to the school nurses where appropriate. It is also important to us that we communicate with the school nurses, regularly and effectively about any involvement we have in a school covered by them.


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