How to do smooth convergence exercises

This information is for patients who have been diagnosed with convergence weakness.

You can download this information in a printable pdf format by clicking on the link below.

This information is for patients who have been diagnosed with convergence weakness.

These exercises are a very effective treatment when they are done properly.

When you were in clinic your Orthoptist will have given you a suitable target to look at when performing these exercises. He/she will have also explained how to perform the exercises correctly. However, this is often a lot to take in, so this simple method should help you to do your exercises correctly.


  • If you use glasses these should be worn when doing these exercises. If you have glasses for both reading and distance, please use your reading glasses. If the Orthoptist has put a Fresnel prism over one lens of your glasses this should be kept on.
  • Take your target and hold it at arm’s length.
  • Keep both eyes open at all times when looking at your target.
  • If you can see only one of the target, very slowly move it towards your nose until you see two.
  • Stop when you see two of the target and move it back slightly until you can join the two images back to one. Holding the target steady, stare at it and do NOT look away for at least 15 seconds. Try to make and keep the target single.
  • If you can make and keep the target one then you can very slowly move the target further in towards your nose.
  • Repeat steps five and six, for two to three minutes aiming to keep the target single at all times.
  • You should aim to do your exercises four to five times a day, for no longer than two to three minutes at a time.
  • After doing these exercises, it is important to look into the distance to relax your eyes.

Simple Tips:

  • Keep both eyes open all the time.
  • Always wear your reading glasses.
  • Don’t rush, take your time – move the target in very slowly towards your nose so that you accurately recognise when you are seeing two of the target.
  • Be patient – you will not be able to keep the target one and get to your nose immediately. It will take time and practice.

What to do if your target is not single at arm’s length:

Rest your target against a wall or stick it to the wall so that it is on eye level. Step away from the target until it is single. Then move towards the target very slowly until it goes double. When it goes into two, stand very still and stare at the target for at least 15 seconds. If you can make it single move very slowly further in towards the target, trying to keep it single. If you cannot make it single step back until it becomes one then try to keep it single and move forwards again. Do this for four minutes at a time and do four to five sessions a day.

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