Hospital review information following the death of a baby

Hospital review information following the death of a baby

We would like to offer you our condolences at this difficult time, we are so sorry that your baby has died. We understand that at this time you may not take in all the information discussed; we would therefore like to provide you with this information to read.

Why are we giving you this information?

It is important to understand as much as we can about what happened and why your baby died. In order to do this, in the coming months a hospital team at Pilgrim/Lincoln Hospital will hold a meeting and review you and your baby’s/babies’ care.

The review will:

  • look at medical records, tests and results
  • answer any questions you may have and address any concerns
  • talk to staff involved
  • look at guidance and policies to ensure the care you received was appropriate

The review may tell us that we need to change the way we do things to improve care, or it may tell us that good and appropriate care was given to your family.

Involving you

Your views are important and it would be helpful if you could share your feelings and thoughts about your care, or any questions you have with us before we carry out the review. To support you in doing this, we have provided you with a key contact:

Rachel Bond, Specialist Bereavement Midwife:

Mobile: 07467 440509

email: [email protected]

Your key contact will:

  • call you to talk to you about the review process
  • ask if you would like to ask any questions or give your perspective of your care to the review team
  • give you choices about how you might do this

Keeping you informed

It may take up to 16 weeks to gather all the information required for a review meeting. We understand that this is a long time to wait. If you would like to meet with a consultant before the review takes place, you can arrange this through your key contact. We may, however, not have any further information about what happened and why your baby died by then.

Once the review report is completed, a consultant will discuss the findings with you. You will also receive a letter following the meeting which details the discussions you have had.

If you have any questions about this information, please ask a member of staff before you leave hospital. Once you are home our key contact will be in touch with you within 14 days.