Recommendations by former Boston GP speciality registrars

Here’s what former Boston GP specialty registrars had to Boston programme.

I applied to the Boston scheme as I’d had the opportunity to attend some of the VTS teaching sessions during my FY2 GP placement. I found the training was well run with an excellent programme manager & a very knowledgeable group of GP programme directors (& trainers as I was later to find). There were plenty of opportunities to shape the teaching sessions according to need & the sessions were relaxed/friendly. I felt the VTS in Boston prepared me well for the AKT/CSA & life beyond. Also, importantly, there are some very nice practices in the area & the local hospitals give a good exposure to the pathology seen in GP.
Dr Romek Wiles

I really enjoyed my three years in Boston. I highly recommend this training scheme. All trainers, programme directors and administration staff were helpful, particularly with achieving all requirements for MRCGP.
Dr Krista Falzon

Moving from beautiful North Wales to countryside Boston was initially a shock for me and my family, but after moving to Boston we never looked back. My kids and wife found more interesting activities and friends and I found this very friendly, IMG oriented and interactive programme which helped me to tailor my training needs and helped me to progress in my career. The GP trainers are pleasant, friendly and easy to reach for not only training issues but at times for personal issues. The programme itself is driven by trainees and their needs. I strongly recommend this programme to everyone who wants to become a GP with difference.
Dr Muhammad Ahmed

To be honest when I applied for GP training, Boston was my second choice. In hindsight, I must say I was lucky. The program was extremely well organised, the group fantastic, the trainers open and approachable. Support to achieve your goals second to none. Would I make the same choice again? Definitely not, I would make Boston my FIRST choice!
Dr Marcel Ernst