About patient experience

Excellent patient experience for all our patients is important, and the Trust considers patient safety and quality improvement to be the central focus of all aspects of service delivery.

Patient experience is a phrase commonly used to refer to all aspects of patient care. At United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, we strive to improve our patients’ experience by treating patients with respect and dignity, living by our values, and keeping our patients, informed, supported and listened to.

We do our best to provide our patients with the highest quality care and are committed to listening and responding to any queries and feedback they have. Our patient feedback system using the Friends and Family Test, along with other surveys and initiatives such as focus groups, help us identify what we are doing well and any areas that may need improving.

We are committed to continually developing and improving care for patients’ families and carers. Ensuring all who have access to services have an experience that surpasses their expectations and where caring at its best is our focus.

The more we talk and listen to you the more assured we can be that we are getting the service right for you and your families and to understand where we need to make changes to improve.

Bringing the Power of Music to our patients

Do you know how powerful music is? Music can re-energise you physically and mentally, it can help you organize your thoughts, stimulate movement as you wiggle or toe tap to a tune, it can reset you emotionally as you breathe and relax and think back to a calm or joyful moment in time. There is also evidence that shows music can improve your body’s immunity, produce endorphins, the brain’s natural pain relievers and release stress by creating a feeling of well-being. Music has also shown in some cases to be more effective at reducing anxiety than some prescription drugs. That’s pretty powerful!

The Academy of FAB NHS Stuff (www.fabnhsstuff.net) has developed a number of different playlists for you to access and use while you are in hospital. Here is a quick guide on how to make the best use of this so you can feel the Power of Music whilst you are a patient with us.

  1. Using your smart phone or tablet click on this link https://open.spotify.com/user/nliszwaypf1om3jonhgt8ypgt?si=b4fcfe217be64e4b&nd=1 Which will take you to the playlists. Click the ‘see all’ link in the middle on the right and all the different playlists will open for you to then listen to.
  2. There are many to choose from – in fact at the moment there are over a 100 different playlists from soothing and relaxing to jazz and music across the years. All in one easy to access.