Online access to your Outpatient appointment information

Digital letters are provided for most outpatient appointments and you can access these on your smartphone or you can use the link provided to access this on a desktop computer or laptop.

For many of your Outpatient appointments you can access your appointment details through our online patient website.

How does it work?

Watch this video to find out more and see how it works:

When you have an appointment with us you will receive a text message which gives instructions on how to access your personalised secure area of the website.


You will receive a text reminder to your smartphone with your appointment details.


Click the secure link in the text message to take you through to the website.


Copy and paste the link into a web browser on your desktop or laptop to access this with your computer/laptop/tablet.


Once you enter the website, type in your date of birth and unique four-digit PIN number that you received in the text message.

Congratulations – you have now successfully registered to use the appointment information website and this will take you to a page with details about your appointment. This includes your appointment date, the type of appointment and your clinic information.

What else can I do on the website?

Confirm – Rebook – Cancel

Select whether you want to confirm, rebook or cancel your appointment.

Confirming your appointment will let you add the appointment to your own calendar and send you a reminder nearer the time.

If you can’t attend the date specified in the letter, you can choose to rebook or cancel your appointment. If you select rebook we will contact you to arrange another date.

It’s quick, easy, safe and secure and should the digital letter not be opened within 24 hours the system will automatically print and post a copy out to your address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t receive or respond to the message sent to my phone?

If you don’t access your letter within 24 hours of receiving the text message the system will automatically generate a physical letter be sent to you in the post. You’ll also automatically receive a letter after three unsuccessful login attempts to the portal.

What if I don’t have a Smartphone?

You will still receive a text message and you will be able to type the portal link into the browser of your desktop or laptop computer. If you do not have a smartphone or internet access you don’t need to worry as a hard copy of the letter will automatically be sent to your home address.