Before your appointment

Once you have received your appointment letter, you can start to think about transport and any special requirements you may have.

Before you arrive

When you receive your appointment please check the date and time and let us know as soon as possible if this date is not suitable. We also encourage patients to ensure they attend their outpatient appointments. If you cannot attend we ask you to contact the hospital using the phone number on the appointment letter, so the appointment can be offered to someone else.

You can rearrange or cancel an appointment here

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements such as sight, hearing or mobility needs, please let us know as soon as possible, using the telephone number on your appointment letter. You may require the services of an interpreter if English is not your first language; we are able to provide this via a telephone service. We can also arrange sign language interpreters.

Patients with diabetes are advised to prepare for unexpected delays by bringing something to eat and drink.

Patient transport

If you have a medical condition that genuinely prevents you from using public or your own transport, you may be eligible for patient transport.

Living within Lincolnshire

If you require transport and live in Lincolnshire, please contact TASL on 0808 164 4586 who will then check your eligibility for patient transport.

Living outside of Lincolnshire

All other patients living outside Lincolnshire should speak to their own GP practice about their transport requirements. Some GP practices also offer a volunteer driver service to transport patients to their outpatient appointments at our hospitals. Please check with your local GP to see if they provide this service.

Find your local GP practice by using the NHS GP location service

Royal Voluntary Service

The Royal Voluntary Service may be able to help you get out and about with their community transport, including taking you to hospital appointments.
For more information, visit the Royal Voluntary Service website, or call either 01522 300506 or 01522 305313.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at the hospital, if you require any further support please contact us on 01522 573200.

Before your appointment

Once you have your outpatient appointment booked with us you will receive an appointment letter to inform you when your appointment is and where you need to go. This will tell you which consultant you will see or which specialist clinic you will be attending. You may see the consultant or a member of their team including specialist nurses and trainee doctors.

We have recently introduced an appointment reminder service for our patients. One week before your appointment you will be contacted by the automated service or by text message if you have a mobile phone to remind you about your appointment. This will ask you to confirm your appointment or give you an option to cancel and re-book. Occasionally we may need to re-arrange your appointment date or time and we will try to give you as much notice as possible.

We will use the contact information you give us to notify you about appointments, test results or to get in touch to discuss your treatment. We may also use your mobile or home phone number for automated appointment reminders and surveys. You can opt out of any of these automated services at any time by contacting email or phone outpatients on 01522 573200. In addition, details for opting out of our surveys are within the first text/voice message. We may also use your contact information for any patients you have asked us to link your phone numbers to.