Staffing levels

We’re committed to delivering safe, high quality affordable services with a strong focus on patient care.

As outlined by the National Quality Board (NQB), all trusts with inpatient beds are required to publish their staffing levels (actual versus planned) in hours on the NHS Choices website and on the Trust website every month starting from June 2014.

At ULHT we are committed to delivery of safe care and will be transparent with our data. We have set up this web page so the public and our staff can easily find the information and links to other useful documents. We publish data on the number of nurses and midwives working on our inpatient wards each month. We’re committed to delivering safe, high quality affordable services. Over the past year we have made big improvements to staffing levels with a strong focus on patient care and recently started to publish daily staffing levels at the entrance to each ward.

It is an expectation set out in the NQB guidance published in November 2013 that boards take full responsibility for the quality of care provided to patients, and, as a key factor of quality, take full responsibility for nursing, midwifery and care staffing capacity and capability. All of our wards display daily staffing levels which are monitored across the organisation at least twice daily by site teams.

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