Wifi, television, radio and telephones

Most beds in our hospitals have access to Hospedia consoles. From here, patients can make phone calls, watch TV, use the internet and listen to the radio.
Wifi is available across our hospital sites.

SPARK® Media

United Lincolnshire NHS Trust has access to SPARK® Media, a free entertainment and engagement resource. After connecting to the WiFi you will automatically be taken to the SPARK® Media dashboard. Funded by United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity there are many entertainment options available including:

  • Live TV with 20 channels
  • Games
  • Hospital Radio
  • Digital Magazines and Newspapers
  • Catch up TV and OnDemand Services
  • E-books

There are also several BBC features available including:

  • BBC Music Memories
  • BBC Archives
  • BBC Interviews
  • BBC Reminiscence Archive

This is a web-based platform so anyone in the hospital with a smart device and internet connection can use this service. It’s easy to use and provides multiple entertainment and education features all in one place. If you lose the page, search wifitv.co.uk into your browser.

There is also a charity tab to learn more about the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity and how to donate.

Hospital information is also available with links to the NHS website, healthcare videos for education, and more.

When staying in hospital, make sure to bring a device with access to the internet, a charger, and headphones.


In order to protect patient privacy and to ensure mobile phones are used safely, mobile communication devices are allowed in public areas and dayrooms within wards. Mobiles may also be allowed at the bedside at the sister’s/charge nurse’s discretion. The use of cameras and camera-enabled mobile phones and devices is strictly prohibited.


Mail is delivered to the wards each day and it helps if you ask friends and relatives to include your full name and ward on the address, as well as a return address. Letters may be given to the ward staff for posting.


SPARK® Connect

This is the Trusts free WiFi Service that comes with content filtering and quality broadband. To connect, you need to select ‘NHS WiFi’ from the WiFi networks available.

Then open your web browser which will take you to a welcome screen. Simply press ‘Accept and Connect’ and you’ll have access to the Internet.

Keep an eye on your electronic devices while in hospital

Top tips for fire hazard reduction:

• Personal electrical devices should not be charged where water or other liquid spills are likely
• Chargers should be unplugged when the battery is fully charged
• Personal rechargeable electronic equipment should be visually inspected prior to use and found to be free from defects, cracks, damaged cables or burn marks
• Cables should not be trapped under furniture
• Devices must not be charged where patients are using oxygen
• e-Cigarettes should not be used where patients are using oxygen