New children’s menu a success on ward

A new children’s menu is proving a success with patients and their families at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

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A new children’s menu is proving a success with patients and their families at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

The revamped menu provided by catering staff at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust is prepared fresh on the day and operates on a two week cycle. Lunch time items includes sandwiches, ham, fruit and vegetables as well as a choice of healthier crisps.

The evening menu was previously based on the adult’s menu with large meals that were not very popular with the younger patients. Items on the new menu include sandwiches as well as smaller main meals such as fish cakes, cottage pie and baked gammon and pineapple.

John Spencer, Catering Manager said: “Following feedback from parents, children and staff we felt that the previous lunch time menu was no longer suitable for children. In the past this included unhealthy options such as chicken nuggets, turkey twizzlers and pork pies.

“Working with the staff on the ward I think we have adapted very positively to provide a healthy more appealing menu to meet the needs of the ward. Huge thanks to Andrew Bradshaw catering team leader and his team who have  taken everything on board to present the new food so well.”

Since its introduction on the children’s ward its proving a success with patients, parents and staff.

Mum of two-year-old Abigail, Sarah Burns said: “When she first came into hospital she wasn’t eating. I can’t fault the new menu at all, there’s a much better choice and she is able to look and pick what she wants. I’m really pleased she is now eating and enjoying the food.”

Staff are able to work with the catering team to make changes and updates to the menu.

Charlotte Crane paediatrics staff nurse added: “For some children just getting them to eat something can be a real challenge while they are on the ward. The new menu offers them more choice, healthy options and they can have a little bit of everything and can pick at it. We’ve had great feedback from patients, parents and staff.”

The new menu for lunch and evening started on Monday October 10 and if it continues to be a success could be rolled out across the trust.