Membership newsletter – May 2017

Our monthly newsletters contain the latest news on our membership activities and details of all of up-coming meeting and training dates.

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Welcome to our membership newsletter for May 2017.

Items include an invite to our members forum in June.
It will take place from 10am on Monday 19 June 2017 at the Royal Hotel in Skegness.
Please confirm your attendance by contacting the membership office on 01522 572301 or emailing [email protected]
The full agenda will be sent to those who RSVP closer to the date.

You can also find out about opportunities to get more involved with the Trust as a member, including taking part in training to become a recognised patient representative.

One such opportunity includes:

Members training

Members can get involved with the Trust in a number of ways. These include attending Trust meetings, helping to carry out visits and inspections to provide a patient perspective on our services, wards and departments or sitting on job interview panels, If you are interested in becoming a patient representative, please come along to a members training session. The training sessions will be held on the same day safeguarding courses, which all patient representatives are also expected to complete. In order to book your place please contact the membership office.

In addition, find out more about good news going on within the Trust, including recognition and celebration for hundreds of dedicated hospital staff.

Read more by downloading our monthly membership newsletter below:

May members newsletterTo view a PDF you may need to download Adobe Reader.